= thread

recipes: 49 craft

Volume: 0 Weight: 0.11 lbs/0.05 kg
Bash: 1 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +0
Moves per attack: 65
Damage per move: 0.02
Materials: Cotton
Can be obtained when disassembling: fur rollmat, small string, long string, knit scarf, long knit scarf, makeshift knife, longbow, self bow, short bow, firecracker, rag, fletched fire-hardened wooden arrow, fletched field point wooden arrow, fletched small game arrow, fletched wooden arrow, heavy fletched fire-hardened arrow, heavy fletched field point arrow, fletched heavy wooden arrow, fletched metal arrow,
Damage: 0
Armor-pierce: 0
Range: 0
Dispersion: 0
Recoil: 0
Count: 50

A small quantity of thread that could be used to refill a sewing kit.