, long string

recipes: 73 disassemble craft construction: 1

Volume: 1 Weight: 0.08 lbs/0.04 kg
Bash: -5 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +1
Moves per attack: 69
Damage per move: -0.07
Materials: Cotton
Can be obtained when disassembling: wearable flashlight, fur rollmat, light snare kit, short rope, long rope, crossbow trap, shotgun trap, blade trap, basic fishing rod, noise cancelling headgear, pair of 2-by-arm guards, pair of 2-by-shin guards, rag tunic, knife spear, longbow, self bow, short bow, homewrecker, crossbow, bullet crossbow, grenade, EMP grenade, bayonet, sword bayonet, pair of nail knuckles, repeating crossbow, flashbang, diamond bayonet, diamond sword bayonet,

A 3-foot long piece of cotton string. Disassemble it to cut it into smaller pieces.